Print • 2021

Project Description

Like many others, I took comfort in music during the early days of the pandemic.

As the one-year mark of the pandemic quickly approached, I wanted to commemorate some of the songs that I had often listened to during that difficult period.

With just a sheet of bristol board and glitter, this 6 piece poster series was created.

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The Process

Although the purpose of this project was to explore hand lettering, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the power of music.

To juxtapose the darker tone of the lyrics and this grim milestone, glitter was used to create the hand lettering.

Quarantunes Sketch


Although I had initially intended to draw the lettering by hand, I later felt that glitter would work as a better medium. To pick the songs, I looked through my playlists and chose ones with lyrics that were darker in tone.


By far the most challenging part of this project was photographing the glitter. To overcome this, I experimented with different camera settings and tried to use mirrors. After several attempts, I was able to photograph the glitter.

The Result