Price Tag: A Cat’s Life Infographic

Print and Web • 2021

Project Description

In March of 2020, I was tasked with designing an infographic titled Price Tag: A Cat’s Life. It was later redesigned in December of 2021.

The infographic is about the cost of owning a cat in the United States. Its target audience is Americans aged 18 years and older who are interested in adopting a pet cat.

In addition to the revised infographic, a mockup of the printed piece was made.

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The Process

The purpose of the infographic was to inform the audience of the cost of owning a cat in the United States. I had also hoped to aid each viewer in making an informed decision when adopting a pet cat.

Through the redesign, I wanted to showcase how my skills had developed since first year, particularly my typographical skills. I also wanted to fix issues within the original infographic, such as its lack of hierarchy.

Original Infographic


First I created a Pinterest board for inspiration and began sketching. As this was a redesign, I wanted to focus on creating better hierarchy within the layout.


The most challenging yet rewarding obstacle I overcame during this project was finding the best way to incorporate all of the information into the layout without sacrificing the design.

The Result