2022 Motion Reel

Motion • 2022

Project Description

For this project I created a 30 second motion reel. Combining both static and motion pieces, this reel highlights my talents and growth as a designer over these past 2 years.

  • Programs Used
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The Process

My goal for this project was to create a motion reel to show to potential employers. Although motion graphics is not my speciality, I hope to learn more and continue to incorporate it into my work.

2022 Motion Reel Storyboard


Before jumping into storyboarding my intro and outro, I spent some time watching other motion reels to gain inspiration for my own. From there I picked out my some of my favourite projects from the past 2 years.


What I found to be the most difficult part of this process was picking out the background music. I wanted to pick a song that reflected both my work and personality. Eventually I found one that is calm, yet upbeat like me.

The Result