UI/UX • 2021

Project Description

Do you often forget to water your plants? Then when you do remember, you over-water them? Well, look no further! The solution to all your plant parenting problems is here.

MISTY is a fictional plant maintenance app that allows users to set reminders for when and how much to water their houseplants.

What sets MISTY apart from other apps is its ability to connect to an automatic mister, making watering your plants easier. 

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator LogoAdobe XD Logo

The Process

The goal behind MISTY was to create a simple solution for forgetting to water my plants and over-watering them.

Targeted towards new plant parents aged 18 years and older, the app aims to teach them how to take care of their house plants.

The colours beige and green were used to reflect the look of your typical house plant.

MISTY App Wireframes


Before jumping into the sketching process, I first researched existing plant maintenance apps. From there I created a Pinterest board for inspiration and began sketching potential wireframes and logos.


The main issue I faced was designing the logo. For this project, I wanted to design a logo that would double as the brand's mascot. Taking inspiration from my own house plants, I was able to land on the design.

The Result